Overcoming Sexual Sin

Over the years, I have heard many lamenting on how they may overcome sexual sin. I have heard the cries of many wanting to turn from their ways and desire to be found pleasing in God’s sight.

Married saints often tell us as single saints that we ought not to be having sex, and if we are having sex, to stop. They never tell how we are to go about doing this. They never tell us their testimony of how they overcame before they were married. They just tell us to stop. This makes it hard for many of us to receive anything they say because they are married and having sex and we are not.

I say to all of you who are concerned over the matter that there are answers to your questions and there are ways you can avoid falling into the sexual trap that has ensnared many of us one time or another.

There are ways that we can find fulfillment in being single and not having sex.

To those of you who have or are now sinning against God sexually, I say the time is now to stop. The time is now to drop to your knees and ask God to forgive you for your sinful, sexual nature. The time is now to turn from sexual sins and invite the Holy Spirit into that area of your life and to have His way. To repent is to turn from the areas you are seeking forgiveness.

Turning from Sexual Sins
Now that you have repented, now is the time to ask God in. Petition God to remove the thoughts, the desires-the desire to want to have sex, the desire to seek someone to have sex with and the desire to be involved in any sexual activity-and the will to have sex.

Ask God to remove those from your life and those who may cross your path and those who will weaken your resolve to abstain from sex. Ask God to empty your heart from all the you allowed satan to place there and to fill your heart with His Fruit of the Spirit.

Doing your Part
When the thoughts come to have sex, they may come in many forms. One of them may be a strong thought that won’t go away for you to call someone who you know in the past been available for those moments when you want to have sex. The other may be a sexual scene from past partners. Do not let the scene play out. Stop the thoughts/scene before it gets started or play out and ask God for forgiveness.

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About Hazel Williams

me3Hazel Williams has been walking in her calling as an Apostle since 1999 and was ordained in 2011. She is a proliferate speaker, whose “assignment” from God is to teach His People how to apply the Word of God to their daily lives, while drawing them closer to Him. Hazel is the co-founder of B.N.T. Ministries, where she is taking the Word of God’s love to the people. She is the author of “Sizzlin’ Saints in the Sanctuary”, which is available on Amazon. She is the mother of two and the grandmother of one.


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