Straight from Heaven’s Kitchen

Food for Thought

When the enemies come in like a flood.

This great woman of God said unto me on this day! She didn’t know my heart was heavy. Great is thy faithfulness. Great is thy faithfulness, see only those who are going through something and you’re stuck and your heart is heavy and your weary, broken, tired, and coming out.

Understand these words. Great! Is thy faithfulness, Morning by morning, new mercies I see, when you’re trusting in the Lord, and you’re trying to be right and act right and do right. When no one can hear you, or understand you. Only God knows your story! All I have needed Thy hands hath provided.

Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me! Great is thy faithfulness, Oh God my Father! There is no shadow of turning with thee, thou changest not, Thy compassion’s they fail not, As thou hast been, Thou forever will be. Great is Thy faithfulness. Without God we cannot make it. Great is He who loves us so and places someone there who will speak a word into your heart. Great is Thy faithfulness, God knows what you are in need of before you know what you will need.

My God he is good! Man can’t fix a thing in his life, but our God can. Great is thy faithfulness. The table is set and the word is already blessed.

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About Min. Monica Thompson
mmt2Min. Monica Thompson
is an Associate Minister at Beulah Baptist Church, in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the mother of three and walks in humility, humbleness and submission. God gave Min. Monica a vision to open a Breakfast Cafe in the city of Euclid and God sealed it with a name. Food for Thought. Straight from Heaven’s Kitchen. On the Menu is words to inspire you, heal you, comfort you, and carry you in your everyday lives. Psalms 91 is the promises that she stands on that carries her through life.

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