About Me…

I am my Father’s child, dedicating my life to serve Him, but at the same time desiring to be myself and not a one-dimensional person you often see, cringe and try to get away from s soon as possible. I laugh, cry, bleed, joke and am an all out regular person, whatever that means. I march to the beat of my own drum, don’t know what it’s like to conform, nor do I or have ever care what others think of me.

If you want me to be a bit more eloquent, this is who I am…

I have been walking heavily in my calling as an Apostle since 1999 and was ordained in 2011. I am a proliferate administrator, orator, teacher, author and radio personality, whose “assignment” from God is to teach His People how to apply the Word of God to their daily lives, while drawing them closer to Him. I am the Co-Founder of B.N.T. Ministries, where I am taking the Word of God’s love to the people. I am the author of “Sizzlin’ Saints in the Sanctuary”, which is available on Amazon. I’m the mother of two and the grandmother one.

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