Female Apostles

13537684_10207885624231662_5433091370170523954_nApostle Joseph Prude is the Chief Apostle over the Congress of Apostolic and Prophetic Networks and Churches. The Congress consists of over 20 different churches around the country and several in Africa and the Caribbean.

Apostle Prude has been known as an accurate prophet, in the body of Christ for over 40 years. Apostle Prude is also known as a prolific writer, having written over 22 different books and training manuals. He is also president and founder of the Cleveland Prophetic Institute, which is an Institute for the teaching and the study of the prophetic.

Apostle Prude is president and founder of the Dream Masters College. He is also the founder and President of the Apostolic and Prophetic Bible College, which is an online Bible college, teaching students around the world.

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