I Speak Peace

I speak peace to you in knowing you are exactly where God needs you to be in Him. Your fruit is not determined by what man thinks you should be or should be producing, or by some indoctrinated formula that someone has conjured through spiritual revelation that stretches the truth of God’s word.

Your fruit is dictated by God who knows what He is doing in your foundation and doing in you behind the scenes, where no one is working but you and Him, and those who have been ordained to help plant, plow, and cultivate longevity and sustaining destiny with you.

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About Apostle Taquetta Baker
tbTaquetta Baker
is the founder of Kingdom Shifters Ministries (KSM). She has authored seven books and two decree CD’s. Taquetta has a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage, Children and Family Counseling, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Associates Degree in Business Administration. Taquetta is also gifted at empowering and assisting people with launching ministries, businesses and books and provides mentoring, counseling and vision casting through Kingdom Shifters Kingdom Wellness Program. Taquetta currently receives mentoring and ministry covering from Apostle Jackie Green, Founder of JGM-National Prayer Life Institute, in Phoenix, AZ.



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