As I Approach the Lights

By Oghogho Odoko

They say when you die, the light comes for you.
I have been lying in this bed. I have listened to the doctors speak in hushed tones.
Family and friends wear that somber look like something is wrong. Then everyone huddles around the doctors. Something is wrong. The doctors are actually huddled around me. But I am no more in the bed. Then the shrieks of pain and agony begin as the doctors try to console family and friends. Then I see it. My body. Still in the bed. A nurse covers it with a sheet. The wailing increases.
That is when I feel the tug.
You know what they say. Your life flashes through your mind. I see a flash. But that is not the only flash. I see another flash of light. It twinkles. Then it sparkles. Then it stays. Glowing.
We used to joke about not going towards the light. My friends and I.
Now I cannot help it as it tugs at my soul and draws me closer. I try to fight the feeling but the light teases me. Then it begins to tug.
They say the light pulls you; tugs at you. It does.
Then a strange feeling overwhelms me. Regret.
No, I don’t regret not getting stuff. I do not regret not acquiring the latest gadgets,

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