Moore Love

12670045_10207367641022199_1817125961468836986_n‘Cause our love will stand tall as the trees
Our love will spread wide as the seas
Our love will shine bright in the night
like the stars above
And we’ll always be together, our love
~ Excerpt from, “Our Love” by Natalie Cole

Years ago, I was invited to a leadership conference and Pastor Edwin Moore, was the guest speaker. His message that day is one that has stayed with me. He used a plant to illustrate the Word he was sent to speak and that Word not only spoke to my situation at the time, but it also spoke to my heart.
A few years later, while over the Singles Ministry, I was given the charge to host a luncheon. Since it was the beginning of the year, I made it a leadership luncheon and invite Pastor Moore as the speaker. I will never forget how excited I was when I received his acceptance, while at the train station on my way to work and was like a little kid, who opened their gift on Christmas. Let’s just say, folk were looking at me crazy after I read his acceptance. But, I digress.

Relationship Goals
By Anthony D. Lee

She can be pretty all day long, but can she pray for you!? Can she encourage you! Is she willing to work her hands willingly and build with you!? Will she submit to you as you submit to her?

He can be handsome all day long, but can he lead you into the presence of God? Will he submit to you as you submit to him? Can he maintain his integrity and guard your heart? Can he provide emotionally, financially and spiritually? Can he love you like Christ loves the church?

Don’t settle for less than what God has in store for you!?

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About Hazel Williams
me3Hazel Williams
 has been walking in her calling as an Apostle since 1999 and was ordained in 2011. She is a proliferate speaker, whose “assignment” from God is to teach His People how to apply the Word of God to their daily lives, while drawing them closer into a relationship with Him. Hazel is the co-founder of B.N.T. Ministries, where she is taking the Word of God’s love to the people. She is the author of “Sizzlin’ Saints in the Sanctuary”, which is available on Amazon. She is the mother of two and the grandmother of one.


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