Tales of Indifference: An Anthology…

Tidbits on Writing
“Tales of Indifference…”
– Each story flowed in the wee hours of the morning…
– Each story had its own concept and was birthed without my input… I could type and literally the words would change on the page
– This book was written in less than 60 days
– God truly woke me up early in the morning to give me the answers to the stories regarding many of the chapters
– God truly told me to leave certain chapters with a ‘cliff hanger’ (not me) so the readers could have something to look forward to in the next book

20161202_212735Tracey’Girlz’ has been writing seriously since high school days. She was privileged to have teachers who encouraged her creativity passion. They often fostered her desire to manipulate thoughts and ideas. To be honest, she was the secret writer of her high school newsletter.

Early on, she wrote for B. Visible Magazine, which is based in her hometown of Memphis, TN. Although she currently resides in South Carolina, she is more determined to forge forward in her lifelong endeavors of writing books and plays. Her other marketing experiences include work in radio and television (formerly “In the Midst with Tracey”– host).

To read more of “Tales of Indifference: An Anthology…” and the rest of our APR/MAY issue of “Running On…” magazine today,  click HERE!!!


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