Lamb of God…

Written by Oghogho Odoko and performed by Frances Ojoh, LAMB OF GOD is the quintessential worship experience that will revolutionize your relationship with the Lord as you soak in the realities of the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross.

LAMB OF GOD was recorded because there was the need to musically express some of the themes in my forthcoming fantasy/ speculative fiction novel CONQUEST which is due to be released in July, 2017 (more at After thinking about it over and over, I called a very close friend, Dunsin Oyekan, who is a recording artist and he introduced me to a wonderful producer, Joshua. I am not much of a singer but I sang the song to him. He listened intently and suddenly his eyes lit up.

“Let’s tweak this part and that part,” Joshua said as he began to work on the computer and the mixer. Then he turned and added, “I know the right person to perform this song.”

To read more of “Lamb of God” and the rest of our APR/MAY issue of “Running On…” magazine today,  click HERE!!!


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