Men Have Struggles Too

Expressing Their Feelings

I think at times we as women find it hard to believe that men deal with their own personal struggles. I’ve been married three times, and in each of those marriages, I’ve seen them struggle from drug addiction, to alcohol, to sleeping around with other women. Now I made mention of those three, because those were the struggles of all three men I was married to. We as women have that tendency of throwing around these phrases such as you just don’t get it. But that things does cut both ways, there is so much that we as women don’t know that a man go through, there is so much baggage that a man carry around that women really don’t understand.

I want to speak on this subject from my perspective that as a woman, as well as being a Minister now. I also will be referencing the Bible quite a bit because that will be the key to revealing some very important information that will not only help the man to realize he’s not by himself, but for us as women, to try and understand our men a little better. Men and their struggle for work, I’m speaking of being a Black man having to deal with the social and economic barriers, is it just a Black man thing, is it universal for all races or is it just more prevalent for our Black men. I’m not trying to make this a Black or white issue, we are merely trying to figure out why is it so hard for men to express their feelings on issues.

Is it because he is left to struggle because he has no clue as to who he is? Which would be enough in itself to struggle and fight with. I’m speaking about identity now and if there is no knowing who you are or where you are going, than the struggle for identity, plays a big part for power, respect and understanding, couple all of that, makes a good recipe of our men not knowing who they are, versus what they perceive themselves to be. I’m just saying.

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About Adrine Jason

adriene-jason-copyAdrine Jason was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 27, 1957 to James and Mary Hudson. She is the mother of four, two daughters and two sons and grandmother of 15. In 2011, she received her Bachelors in business management, and has a Master in Criminal. Adrine is now on a path of ministry and has begun her prayer intercessor path with Women of Divine Distinction in February of 2014. She has always been a goal orientated woman; my goal now is to work and to do the will of God for the balance of my days, I currently write blogs for Women with Gifts and I’m simply a servant of the Lord on this battle field.

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