Breaking His Silence


By Author Irish J. Benton

Inspired by Steve Harvey’s advice, “Asking God what your gifts and passion are”, from his book, “Act Like A Success”, she prayed about what transforming gift she had. God’s reply, “gift of talking”. This reply gave her the opportunity to use her gift of gab by starting her own internet show, “Let’s Talk with Divanation” in 2015. Mainly helping African American women in business in the beginning, she felt it would be a monumental moment to reach out to everyone in the community who might have the same powerful impact of positive blessings for others.

Her passion became more than just being the host of a show, but to bring the power of her knowledge and experience to the nation. Launching in October, her first novel, “Breaking His Silence”, shows the strength Irish had to fight against the chains of the devil to live the healthy life she now lives. She shares her testimony of hope, faith and forgiveness with the grace of God’s help to motivate women out of domestic violence.

To read more of “Breaking His Silence” and the rest of our FEB/MAR issue of “Running On…” magazine today,  click HERE!!!


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