Being grateful is an amazing trait to have!

I was walking through a graveyard yesterday and noticed five other green tents and quickly realized that five other families were mourning losses and preparing to bury their family members. I immediately prayed for them. I then noticed as I stepped forward on the soft, freshly dried dirt where others had recently been laid to rest, that there were more families having to live what my pastor calls ‘new normals’…life without these people who were buried.

My point is this… Man born of a woman, is of a few days and they are FULL of trouble. But within the few days are amazing moments. We have got to stop majoring in minors and minoring in the major…AND ENJOY LIFE and be GRATEFUL FOR life. Be INTENTIONAL about LOVE; persevere when there is struggle or trouble.

Don’t take those around you for granted. Don’t take the TIME you have here for granted.


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About Elise Saulsberry

esElise Saulsberry is a Servant of God, the Camp Christ Remix, Summer Youth Camp Director. She serves actively as the Evangelism Ministry Leader and Intercessor. Elise is also author, who just penned her first book, scheduled to be released in 2014 and she has a heart for the Youth & Young Adult Ministry. Elise has completed her Master’s in Theological Studies and am now working on my MBA at Bethel University, Memphis, TN. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Associate Degree in Business Administration.


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