Straight from Heaven’s Kitchen©

Food for Thought

“2017” OUT with the Old in with NEW!! 

Three step blessing: Process, Plans and Promises. 2016 was our process, which was part of God’s plan. In order for us to receive everything that God has for us, we had to go through a Process. Jer. 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”… See we think that we are ready for what we are asking God for, but our hearts and our mindset had to be mature enough, to handle the things from God He has, not man.. Which are called Spiritual blessings! If you’re not in line Spiritually, then you won’t be ready for His heavenly Blessings. Amen!

Or we can mess things up! God has things already in store for His children who are in line waiting for His Promises. The scripture states I will never leave you, or forsake you, or your seed begging bread.. The PROMISE!! You better catch this. Are you in line, and in Position for His PROMISES? Those who went through your Process In 2016….My God!! God had a Purpose all along for your PROMISE.. I Declare and Decree RELEASE for all God’s children in the Mighty Name of JESUS AMEN; so, be in position for the “OVERFLOW”. OUT with the Old, in with the New!!

Children of God wake up. Start Praising Him NOW!! Bless all of God’s children this day!! In Jesus precious name!!

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About Min. Monica Thompson
mmt2Min. Monica Thompson
is an Associate Minister at Beulah Baptist Church, in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the mother of three and walks in humility, humbleness and submission. God gave Min. Monica a vision to open a Breakfast Cafe in the city of Euclid and God sealed it with a name. Food for Thought. Straight from Heaven’s Kitchen. On the Menu is words to inspire you, heal you, comfort you, and carry you in your everyday lives. Psalms 91 is the promises that she stands on that carries her through life.

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