Singles Dating Maintenance Plan

By Prophetess Miranda Mitchell

1.) Be happy with yourself first.
Love yourself and treat yourself “good”. Many times, an individual is looking for these traits in another person; yet the smart thing to do is take care of yourself first.

2.) Be available. Basically, that means….
COMPLETELY BE OVER nay preexisting relationship, divorce or etc. This requires a significant amount of time to heal in order to give your new “beau” or “sweetheart” your best. Allow the healing to take place!


It saves both of you a lot of pain, confusion and mess.

3.) Set standards for the kind of person you would like to date.
Example – if you don’t drink and he/she does, be aware of the influence this can have on the relationship. Another example… this is major! Date people with values similar to yours. This alleviates MANY, MANY, MANY issues.

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