When it Matures: Pluck it Up

By Elise Saulsberry

In the parable of the Wheat and the Tares, a man sowed good seed in his field. While he and others ‘slept’, an enemy came and sowed tares (harmful weed that LOOKS like wheat when its young – Webster) amongst the good seeds and walked away. When the good seeds produced a good crop, the tares grew and produced its own likeness. The SERVANTS of the owner of the seed sower came and asked, “What happened? Didn’t YOU sow good seeds in the field….and IF you did, WHY have tares grown with the good seeds?” The owner said, “An enemy has done this!” The servants asked, “Do you want us to go up and gather them?” The owner said, “No, if you pluck up the tares (fake wheat) you will ruin the real wheat. Let’s wait until the crops have fully matured. It is at THAT appointed time that we can pluck them up and decipher the difference between the two. I will command the reapers to remove the tares and burn them and put the wheat in the barn.” ~ Matthew 13:24-30 (paraphrased)

In this story, one man sowed good, but many stood by to watch the seeds grow and to reap the harvest. He KNEW he had sown only good seed, but as it grew and there appeared to be something wrong with the harvest to the point that even the servants questioned his works. In their inexperience, the servants desired to pluck the tares out; however, doing so would have ruined the entire crop.

Looking over the history of how I’ve heard this parable taught, it has been mostly stated that the tares were bad people, who had mal intentions sitting among a group with good intentions. Here I’d suggest that tares can be ANYTHING against the GOOD you have sown with a pure heart. In this example, I’d venture to state that tares can be WORDS.

If you know the work that you have done, the friendship that you have extended and the love that you have sown were good seed, it is not WISE to prematurely pluck up, put away, or disregard the hurtful words spewed by jealous and envious people – even though their attempt is to ruin every good work you have performed. Basically, don’t fight a GOOD FIGHT looking only at the negativity that ensues.

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About Elise Saulsberry

esElise Saulsberry is a Servant of God, the Camp Christ Remix, Summer Youth Camp Director. She serves actively as the Evangelism Ministry Leader and Intercessor. Elise is also author, who just penned her first book, scheduled to be released in 2014 and she has a heart for the Youth & Young Adult Ministry. Elise has completed her Master’s in Theological Studies and am now working on my MBA at Bethel University, Memphis, TN. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Associate Degree in Business Administration.


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