The Pain of a Worshipper

As believers in Christ Jesus we gain the desire to worship God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. Being a worshiper is a process that only God can relieve and control. Worship deals with our relationship with God. We worship God for who He is. The only way you will find out who God is, you have to become intimate with God. Dialog is a must. What does this have to do with Saints? It has everything to do with relationships. If you can’t talk to God right, how can you talk to your better half right?

Yet, being a worshiper is a trial that only the chosen can pass. A worshiper is someone who has been stripped from everything they knew to be right, they have been beaten raped, molested, overlooked, lied on, and judged, depressed, neglected, hindered, and incarcerated. (The list goes on)

Worshipers are people who know without any doubt that God is worthy every tear. Most saints feel they can’t worship God in the fullness of his glory in holiness because they can’t express how they feel because of shyness, afraid, or just not used to talking to anyone about intimate things. When we suffer lack in one area in our life without confronting that issue that very thing causes a ripple effect in your life. Worshipers must open their mouths and declare the presence of the lord. Real worshipers are people who are just doing what God honors us to do lay before Him in spirit and in truth.

Favor ain’t fair but I’m glad I got it. We all have heard this before. I have said it and every believer confessed it to be trying.

This statement is so true and I speak it into your life now in the name of Jesus Christ. However the process of favor/worshiper isn’t easy nor is fair. What I found out in ministry is when a worshiper begins to exalt God and it has an effect on the body of Christ that worshiper paid a price for that fellowship with the lord/anointing. The temple will shout, holy dance, rejoice and breakthrough their issue everybody around you can be blessed and things wont change in your own life. I know this is a true fact. There have been times when God would pour down manna from heaven in worship and breakthrough is the main course, I have lifted services shouted, spoke with tongues, preached, and prophesied. When it was all over I still never got what I needed from the lord. A true worshiper is someone who just loves to see God move in their mist. Along with this comes a standard being lifted on your behalf from God.

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