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Answer Your Phone!!!


A couple of months ago, I was on Periscope and the person doing the ‘scope made mention that his phone rang and he didn’t answer it because it was a private number. He even went so far as to share that he got into a heated discussion with his wife about not answering the call!!! He finally answered after the person called back a third time. it was one of his church members at the hospital facing an emergency health crisis!!!

This ‘scope had me thinking back to when I saw a post on Facebook from one of my friends who declared she doesn’t answer calls that weren’t in her phone. It wouldn’t be so disturbing if she didn’t just start her own business. My thought as I responded was it could have been a prospective customer/client, since she’s always posting about her future millionaire status.

As I thought about her post, I decided to take a survey to see exactly how many people shared her sentiment. I called friends and associates in ministry. When I say in ministry, I’m talking about pastors, ministry leaders (Ministers, Elders, Prophets, Prayer Warriors and etc.) I called those who just started their own businesses. I called others who had established businesses. Some, I left a message and yes, I disguised my voice. I called them all not from my phone, but a different number and the results shocked me!!!

None of them answered!!! None of them called back!!! Now I’m the first to admit that I don’t check voice mail. And yes, I’ll be the first to admit that if I’m on a call of substance or importance, I will not answer an incoming call. But, I do call back. Let me say this before I move on, one of the people I called, I called her while we were going back and forth with our comments on a Facebook post, so I KNEW she wasn’t busy. I then called her from my phone and she ANSWERED!!!

My issue for those folk in ministry is, you never know if the person calling is at a crossroad in their walk with Jesus. You never know if the person is calling to give you business. You never know who is calling to bless your life. There are so many you never know, that I’m going to state this one and keep it moving. You never know!!!

And, because you didn’t answer your phone or call back, you missed finding out that we now have a Health & Wellness section. You missed finding out how God blessed this magazine to be able to release this issue. There is so much you missed by not answering your phone. I’m going to pray that each person who don’t answer their phone stop being a follower and just ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!

I pray this publication blesses each of you the way it has blessed me!!!

Hazel Williams

EMAIL: gods_luv4u@yahoo.com
TWITTER: @haze4dayz
FACEBOOK: /ApostleHazel *NEW*
INSTAGRAM: _nite_hawk

About Our Editor-in-Chief
me3Hazel Williams
has been walking in her calling as an Apostle since 1999 and was ordained in 2011. She is a proliferate speaker, whose “assignment” from God is to teach His People how to apply the Word of God to their daily lives, while drawing them closer to Him. Hazel is the co-founder of B.N.T. Ministries, where she is taking the Word of God’s love to the people. She is the author of “Sizzlin’ Saints in the Sanctuary”, which is available on Amazon. She is the mother of two and the grandmother of one.


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