Prophetess Vera Smith

Founder of the international ministry, “Church Without Walls”, and author of, “Rubies for Life”, Prophetess Vera L. Smith is an ordained Minister. Vera is an anointed vessel with a strategic vision from God, seeking to bring healing and deliverance worldwide. Vera L. Smith, a native of the beautiful state of Virginia, is married to her wonderful husband Tony Smith, of 15 years, and they share three amazing children. This dynamic woman has served in the Navy for over 17 years and has been infected with a love for this nation that’s unconditional.

Prophetess Vera has an awesome women’s ministry, where she operates as a deliverance worker, which has empowered and healed many hurting women nationwide. Vera’s mission is to engage, inspire, uplift and empower women through her books, speaking engagements, and other outreach ministry endeavors. The powerful Vera L. Smith is also the founder of D.I.V.A. HD Ministries. Throughout her 15 years of ministry/leadership, Vera has served as an ordained Minister, Prophetess, Mentor, Teacher, Life Coach and a D.O.D Certified Sexual Assault Victims Advocate. Vera is also a Christian Life Coach and CEO of Divine Shift Life Coaching. She has a heart for women and a passion to help them actualize their goals and dreams. She also specializes in helping Wives become, “Wives after God’s own Heart” and the very women that husbands will continue to desire. Vera’s passion for God and disciplined lifestyle has lead to an anointing to preach, teach, and prophesy the word of God with authority, healing, revelation, and deliverance. Above all, her love for the Lord Jesus Christ is consistent and exceedingly great.

Prophetess Vera L. Smith is anointed, appointed by God, destined for greatness, instructed by the Holy Spirit and vindicated by His blood. Vera recognizes that we have to fight for our families, our children and future generations to come. She wants you to remember her as God’s servant, your destiny pusher and your ruby puller….

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