D’Morea Johnson

Shifting the Tide; Moving the Needle

Gospel Artist D’Morea Johnson Premiere Album: ‘The Name You Know!’ offer listeners an absolute experience. The 12-Track studio recording (Available Now) will have music lovers frequently visiting several tracks for yet another level of an uplifting experience!

The Bronx, New York native is described as “one of the most dynamic voices today” for a male recording artist. D’Morea burst on the scene Spring 2014 with the release of 3 Radio Singles simultaneously; a peculiar initiative offering a reflection of what the full album would exemplify. Since the release; ‘It’s in There’ and songs like ‘Joy To Have Your Love’ and ‘Safe With You’ continues to be a great fit for international Gospel/Christian Radio. The full album aims to reach those who appreciate good instrumentation, powerful vocals while, loving the journey through format versatility. Be prepared to press rewind, lift your hands and possibly shed a few tears of joy!

‘The Name You Know!’ remains progressive as analytics predict 2016 to be the year this album begins to expand its wings and soar! Prepare to eyewitness a shifting to the frequent names severally used to promote Gospel Music, as D’Morea begins to move the needle with his sound and overall likability. There are a plethora of things to look forward to in the coming months as D’Morea continues an extensive international promotional tour. This March he resumes in Japan, with additional stops in Australia. This past November, he kicked off his promotional tour in the UK, into The Netherlands, Germany and South Africa. Later this spring North America will be able to capture several radio and media outlet interviews and performances.

D’Morea will continue to hit the ground running, as a soldier ready to fulfill his duty to the glory of God. With continual support, we’re eager to see and hear more from this promising artist, as his first installment creates much anticipation. As listeners continue to enjoy the journey through song and as audiences continue to increase. We’ll remember it started with an introduction that enlarged into a lasting fellowship.

For More info visit: www.DMOREA.com

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