The Forgiveness Cure

By KBailey

Food for thought… “If you take away the “reason” for your hurting pain all that’s left is the hurting pain; and like a growing weed if you take away the root the weed would surely die.” So with the hurt and pain that we have endured in our past, some of which we still hold on to in memory, let this message be, if only an ounce of light, in such a dark place.
Why? Because, this message inspires hope. Because there is a cure for the pain, the hurt and betrayal we have inside. Holding on to such a thing as hurt or pain of betrayal for any long amount of time, does you no good mentally, nor physically, because that burden becomes a poison to your well-being and creates a sickness to your body and not to mention your mental state of mind suffers for it as well and ultimately, the deciding for rand reasoning behind a lot of bad decisions.

This Cure I am talking about is attainable by every living soul that so chooses for their life and you will not have to reach in your pockets to purchase this cure. It is available to you now, even as you are reading this. The cure for internal pain, hurt and betrayal that I speak of, is known to us as forgiveness. However, there is one requirement that must be met before this cure goes to work in your life and that is “YOUR EFFORTS”.

Most of us deal with our pain in similar fashions from anger and sadness to depression and self-sabotage and now there are some who choose to not even deal with their painful issues at all, so they run, and continue to run, not seeing the treadmill under their feet that keeps them running in the same place, reliving the same pains over again, and truth be told, for most of us, it is actually easier to handle our pains and issues in some of those less productive ways.

Your efforts in the matter are key. As a matter of fact your efforts are the keys that unlock this awesome power inside you now. So ask yourself… are you bold enough to face your pain, to face the thing that has left you scared? Are you bold enough to face that same pain from a different perspective and without the anger that it once caused, wanting nothing more than to just be free of it? To look pass the pain to see the lesson in it all.

Life is God’s greatest classroom, with our situations being the greatest tools for His lessons. The question is what would it take? What would it take for a person to bring themselves face to face with an issue that has been the root cause of their pain? And, not get angry, sad or have a desire for revenge? What would it take for the thing that has been the anchor of you pain to become a source of strength for you? What would it take???

First thing first, you have to accept that it has happened, standing face to face with your monster, do not wish that it never happened, and also KNOWING that it has already happened and is not happening to you at this moment. So to ACCEPT what happened, you have to truly come to terms with the fact that it did happen. Look at your pain not as something that has happened to you, but rather look at it as something that JUST HAPPENED.

Now you’re taking yourself out of the ‘Victim’s Corner’ and with that the significance of your pain will change, taking away any reason to blame and yet giving yourself every reason to forgive. Ask yourself do you really want to continue to hold to this pain? Or are you ready to LET IT GO? The memories will remain; it is the pain that you want to get rid of. So let’s open up our doors and escort the PAIN OUT. Now remember you are no longer in the ‘Victims Corner’ and while you are still facing your pain, your demons, go ahead and apologize to the pain. Tell your pain, your demons “I am sorry that you have been here. I am also sorry that I have carried you with me for so very long and I forgive you for the pain you caused, and I forgive you, because it was I that carried you all this time. You didn’t have to be here, knowing that pain destroys, and hurts but I still carried you, I was mad and hated you because you were hurting me, but it was I that carried you, pain will cause pain, and I forgive you for the pain you have caused inside me, because I allowed it.”

Good News! I am aware of it now and I am no longer willing to carry the pain that you create in me, now want the lessons that the situation was trying to teach me then, but I could not see, because I was too busy picking up the pain. I know better now and I am laying this pain to rest, I have accepted, I have FORGAVE and as the door closes with you back on the outside where you belong, I now Let Go….

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About KBailey
kbKBailey has always had a pen in hand, whether it be writing lyrics for a song, poetry from the heart or writing from the heart of God, he has always had a gift of word to share with those who are bold enough to read them. Kevin can be found spending time with his kids when he is not writing.


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