The Holy Spirit

Comforter   Convictor   Counselor

By Elena Leno

Things do not always go the way you planned or the way you want them to. Especially when there is another person or persons involved. You have to learn to roll with it. You can’t let your heart or your emotions rule you. You can’t make someone love you or even like you. You can’t always agree. You can’t always agree to disagree. Sometimes you just have to let them walk away – or you may have to be the one to do it. Let it go. Move on. There is something (someone) better out there for you. Maintain your standards. Guard your heart. Don’t compromise your values to keep someone in your life. All that does is prolong the inevitable & makes it hurt even more. Be led by the Holy Spirit, not by your flesh, nor your emotions. He will never lead you wrong – He will never break your heart. He will never leave you. Jesus loves us so much – He thought we were to die for & He did. And when He rose and ascended into Heaven – He left us the Holy Spirit. . .that was His promise until He returned. Jesus does not make vain promises. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life – the Living Word of God. Have Faith. Trust and Believe. He has got you!

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About Prophetess Elena Leno
e lProphetess Elena Leno, a native New York Italian, raised in the Bronx, first born of her generation with three younger brothers. God’s hand on her life was at work at a youth retreat summer camp on August 26, 1979, she was converted as a believer. Serving in the Army as a Chaplain’s Assistant, rising as an entrepreneur with her business “Anointed 4 Services”, a God-given Kingdom Business of Arts in graphic design, taking years of professional experience to serve others for His glory. In ministry, she has served as board secretary, event coordinator and promoter, web designer and graphic designer for various ministries Prophetess Elena Leno, anointed for His good purpose, His ministry, His service.


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