Thoughts on Marriage

By Christopher Williams

One word that combines so many important parts of life, in fact, the word marriage, in itself is the beginning of new life. But now a days, unfortunately marriage means nothing…to people who’s existence on this earth is one of question, or people who have been hurt by someone who has a questionable existence on this Earth. Marriage put all those words like “Mine and I and Me” to rest (except on birthdays, of course…lol) and replaces them with “Ours and We” it’s the binding of two people that have said forget the other 7 billion people on this Earth, I want to spend the rest of my days next to you. You’re TWO people with TWO minds but sharing ONE heart. With no need to question the love you two have for one another. It’s felt in the way they look at you, touch you, talk to you and even the vibe when its utter silence. I Love, Love and TRUST, two of three MAIN ingredients! Keep that and everything will last FOREVER!!! So Congratulations to all my married people, You’s Married Now!!! Lol…I love it!!!

Stay Healthy to Stay Happy and Hang on to Life until the rope breaks.

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About Christopher Williams
328434_334278293254053_1471231713_oChristopher Williams I love God, but I do NOT practice “religion”! God is the stars to on my life’s solar system, the water in my body, and the cells in my brain. Life is one large canvas, and God gave me the paint brush and its up to me on rather I’m going to paint in black and white or in bright vibrant colors. The choice will FOREVER be yours! My family keeps my life in full color. Even on a day where I feel like painting it black and white, the ones the I love and love me will always find a way to put a brighter pep in my step and vision. I’m just a man who loves to love and be loved, because love makes life priceless


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