Spiritual Suicide

A few years ago, I attended a daily Bible Study. On this particular day, we had a newcomer named ‘Bill’, who was in attendance. It was very evident that ‘Bill’ had a heavy anointing on his life. There was a problem though, although ‘Bill’ was knowledgeable of the Bible and had been blessed with the wisdom and knowledge to understand the Bible the way God meant for it to be understood, ‘Bill’ chose to leave the church. When ‘Bill’ left the church, he chose to follow satan and got caught up in the wiles of the world.

At the end of Bible Study and as I fellowshipped with ‘Bill’ and another saint, who attended on a regular basis, the Holy Spirit began to speak through me to ‘Bill’. The Holy Spirit began to reveal to ‘Bill’, the plans God had for him. The Holy Spirit also lovingly convicted ‘Bill’ on some things he had been doing that were not pleasing to God. As the Holy Spirit spoke though me, tears began to fall from ‘Bill’s’ face. As they began to fall, the Holy Spirit began to minister to his spirit by telling ‘Bill’ the blessings that would flow if he turned back and began to do God’s will. The Holy Spirit also told him what would happen to him if he chose not to do God’s will.

‘Bill’ began to confess some of his sins and the saint that was with me and I began to pray for him to turn from the things he was doing that was not pleasing to God and to turn from God to lead and guide him. We also prayed that God would remove those from him that meant him no good and that he would be blessed with the strength and courage to lay it all down at the feet of Jesus and to pick up the cross and follow Jesus. After we prayed for ‘Bill’, the Holy Spirit revealed how those who meant him no good would be removed, once he said yes to the will of God. The Holy Spirit told of ‘Bill’ being at a crossroad of life and death and that ‘Bill’ would have to choose whether he would live or die. The Holy Spirit finally revealed that because ‘Bill’ chose to do the will of God, that satan would try every trick of his to get him back and how satan knows his weakness and would use them against him. The Holy Spirit left with Words of encouragement by telling ‘Bill’ all he needed to do to stay on the path that God wanted him on.

Last month ‘Bill’ was admitted into a hospice. While there, he was sent to the emergency room two times. Over the course of the months since ‘Bill’ first came to Bible Study, he has turned back to the things God desired to remove him from. Throughout all this time, ‘Bill’s’ excuse was that he knew that satan was attacking him and that he needed to be strong to fight against him. While ‘Bill’ lay in the hospice, the Holy Spirit placed the fifth chapter of the Book of James in the spirit of one of the saints who attends the Bible Study. After reading the scriptures, the saint was asked what was going on in her life that that passage was placed in her spirit. That is when she revealed that she had been praying for ‘Bill’.

It was then that the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me about spiritual suicide. The Holy Spirit revealed that we commit spirit suicide when we do not follow the will of God. We lessen our days here on earth when we are disobedient to the will of God. We choose to commit spiritual suicide the same way those who commit physical suicide. Spiritual and physical suicides are the same thing, death. In Romans 6:3, it says, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”. We commit spiritual suicide when we decide not to accept the calling God has placed on our head. We commit spiritual suicide when we decide to follow after satan and the things of the world.

As God began to reveal more about spiritual suicide, He told me the names of some who had committed spiritual suicide. They were Tupac, Marvin Gaye and Rick James, to name a few. All of them had callings on their heads they chose not to accept. All of them chose to follow the trappings satan had for them to keep them from God and obeying His will for their lives. DMX is another that is slowly committing spiritual suicide. He knows he has a calling on him to preach; he spoke about it often in his book and is running from the calling.

Spiritual suicide keeps us from forming the relationship God desires to have with us. Spiritual suicide keeps us from receiving all that God has in store for us. Spiritual suicide cancels blessings, gifts and callings that God has set aside for us. As I pondered all that was revealed to me, I began to wonder how many of us are committing spiritual suicide when we do not do the will of God. I wondered how many of us are slowly killing ourselves and cancelling our days here on earth because we are chasing after the dreams of satan and the world. As I wondered all these things, my heart became saddened at all those who are unknowingly killing themselves by listening to satan.

As I ponder the things that were revealed to me about spiritual suicide from the Holy Spirit, I began to pray that those who are committing spiritual suicide be loosed in the Name of Jesus. I pray that each and every stronghold, thought and feeling that is hindering us all be loosed. I pray in the Name of Jesus that every plan satan and his flunkies have against the children of God be cancelled, every demon and demonic force that is against us, be struck down. I pray that the Holy Spirit be loosed in every area of our lives that satan and his flunkies has just been commanded to leave. I pray as we began to say yes to all that God has in store for us, that He draws us closer and begin to reveal His will for our lies. I pray that He places His hedge of protection around each and every one of is and keep us safe from all hurt, harm and danger as we began to walk in all He has for us. All these things I pray in Jesus. Name, the sweetest Name I know. Amen.

I pray that ‘Bill’ chooses God before it is too late. For he has a lot of angels encamped around him.

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