How can You…

By Tiana Collins

How can you live as a peasant with the potential to be a King or Queen, How can you lie when the truth will set you free, How can you live in the past instead of embracing your future, Don’t you know you’re only causing yourself torture, How can you walk around with your head hanging down, Wipe those tears from your eyes and start walking with pride, How can you laugh at others when you’re not doing your best, Stop being judgmental and put yourself to the test, All the sex, money and drugs can’t bring you happiness, Don’t you know that only comes from within, How can you not know that you are handsome or beautiful, You wanna know how I know because God made you in his image, Don’t let the devil steal your joy he doesn’t have that authority, Wake up and pay attention there’s power inside you, Don’t take for granted the people who will ride and die for you, Remember the night Jesus died and then rose again, How can you not understand the power of Love that comes from HIM, Live your life in this world without ever questioning, Remember to stay humble and start accepting your blessings!!!

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