Almost Gone

By Jennifer “Jenn” Sanders

Over the years, I have learned that a smile can cover up so many feelings of pain. A lot of people don’t know that last year around this time, I was plotting suicide. It just seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong for me, went wrong. Every time I saw a pole, I thought to run my car into it. I could hear the phone calls in my head, “Jennifer was in a wreck she didn’t make it!”

I could see the wreck in my head; see my mama crying and everything. My brother came into town along with some other family members and took my mind off it, for a little while. This day, a year ago, me and my brother was in a car wreck. God used what the devil was playing mind games with me to wake me up!!!! It was a bad wreck but I’m still here, my brother is still here and a year later I’m here to tell my story.

No matter what you are going through, it’s not that bad to take your own life. Let it go and let God take over. I woke up thanking God this morning, like I do every day. The next second isn’t promised to any of us, so live life to the fullest. Despite what I go through or someone else puts me through, I smile.

What don’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m strong as hell because of everything I’ve been through. I thank God for all the trials and tribulations because it is now my testimony.

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About Jennifer “Jenn” Sanders
20150430_175421Jennifer “Jenn” Sanders
29 yrs old is a native of Chicago Illinois, & lives in Lexington, Kentucky. She works in the medical field as a home health aide and is a hair stylist on the side. In her spare time she likes to read books, write poetry & catch up on sleep when she can. Jenn has a heart of gold and likes to help people and help put smiles on others faces with positive vibes.


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