Straight from Heaven’s Kitchen

By Min. Monica Thompson

Food for Thought

2016 is here. Are you in position? It’s time to birth out the visions that God has for us. If you went through the trials of life in 2015. If you felt the fire this year. If someone let you down this year. If your finances were not met this year. If your health was not good this year. If you were depressed this year. If you lost a love one this year. If you were lonely this year. Dead relationships. Family members coming up against you this year. If there was confusion on every hand this year. Maybe you did well, but well is not good enough. You had to go through all of this to get to this point Right here.. 2016 and its time to push your way through.

It’s time get in position for your birthing. New everything this year. New beginnings, New walk, New talk, New positions, New relationships, New visions, New moves, New steps, New ministries, More of God, More elevation in the Lord. More increase, I said more…. Out with the old, in with the new. Shake the dust off your feet. There is no looking back. Go in with Expectation in your heart, in knowing it is written for you. Praise the Lord right now, going into 2016 thanking the Lord that you made it through it all…. 2016 it is on………Walk in it……..Praise his Holy Name for all he has done for you….

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About Min. Monica Thompson
mmt2Min. Monica Thompson
is an Associate Minister at Beulah Baptist Church, in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the mother of three and walks in humility, humbleness and submission. God gave Min. Monica a vision to open a Breakfast Cafe in the city of Euclid and God sealed it with a name. Food for Thought. Straight from Heaven’s Kitchen. On the Menu is words to inspire you, heal you, comfort you, and carry you in your everyday lives. Psalms 91 is the promises that she stands on that carries her through life.


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