“Running On…” magazine…Prayer Corner

By Demet Timberlake

Lord I thank You for all of Your many Blessings You shower upon Your people, You love us when we don’t even love ourselves, You rain down tender Mercies when we aren’t expecting, You cradle us in Your buxom of Compassion, You forgive us our Sins and bury them, You carry us when we’re far to weary, You’re Strength in time of weakness, Love in time of loneliness, Direction in time of indecision, and Patience in time of our disobedience, Father God I thank You for these and, many more Blessings, I thank You for families tonight and, ask for a strengthening bond, bring that wayward child back home, Bless broken finances, Heal broken hearts, draw Husband to Wife and, Wife to Husband, lead us and guide us, I ask that You rebuke Satan, his assassins, assailants, and all associates, cancel any and, all assignments written against Your people, cover us in a protective hedge, totally impenetrable, and awaken us all refreshed, rejuvenated and full of Praise.

In the Mighty Matchless Name Jesus Christ, I claim the Victory Amen.

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