The Tales They Tell…

I always find it “interesting” when you hear folk who’ve never done anything, don’t want to do nothing and ain’t trying to do something, talk about what you’re doing, what they perceive you’re doing wrong and every negative aspect of your life, most of it they make up, in order to take the focus off of the miserableness of their life, especially when you know the sad existence, missed opportunities and bitterness they harbor for the poor choices they made in order to be accepted by the wrong group, the wrong man and the wrong perception of self-esteem, friendships and relationships.

It becomes “sadder” when you see or hear said folk, use that type of ideology to spew their venom to others you know, in an attempt to turn them against you. To hear them speak with an air of pretentious authority, knowledge and self-righteousness, the average person, not knowing you or the person very well, would think they were being told the truth, but what I wonder is, if the listener ponders why the person is “volunteering” the information willingly and without being prompted and/or why they are throwing this information out there and what is the point???

I would say go have a sit-down with the person and express to them your thoughts and feelings of their words, but don’t waste your time!!! Folk like that “feed” off each person they “talk” to, they “feed” off each morsel, each tidbit, each time they see a “gleam” of interest and each time a question is asked to get more information or a better understanding of the “tale” that was weaved to get that person entangled, so that person can become a part of the “story” the next time it’s told.

The only thing left to do is pray for them…

What do you pray??? Do you pray they stop being spiteful??? Do you pray for forgiveness??? Do you pray they get a life??? Do you pray they get your name out of their mouth???

Nope!!! No!!! Never!!! Don’t even think about it!!!

You pray that God forgive them, you pray that God reveals to them the error of their ways, you pray that God empty their heart of the “trash” they allowed satan to place there, fill it with His love and Fruit of the Spirit, you pray that God ministers to them AND you pray that God forgives YOU for your thoughts and feelings you have towards that person.

You pray and keep it moving….


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