The Man Behind the Movement of “My Brother’s Keeper”…

It’s nice to finally be able to sit down with the humble, yet determined, Frederick Williams!!!

FW:  Laughing! It’s nice to have a break and thank you for this opportunity Miss Lady.

Always the gentleman. Laughing. For those that don’t know, could you tell us what you’ve been up to???

FW:  We’ve been getting “My Brother’s Keeper” off the ground and in place for our future constituents and those we’re trying to reach.

Can you take a moment and expound on what “My Brother’s Keeper” is and those that are targeted before going in depth???

FW:  Well, “My Brother’s Keeper” is an organization that is trying to help individuals incarcerated and those released from prison. Our ultimate goal is to cut the rate of recidivism or try to stop it and cut the numbers down.  I know a bit about homelessness and just keeping the promise. We also are doing this to cut back on crime in my city, which is the City of Port Arthur, Texas, in hopes to expand to other cities and communities, to give a better value of life and create a safer living environment. It all falls hand in hand and will come together.

How do you hope to accomplish this???

FW:  Through networking and going into the communities and neighborhoods, getting input from the citizens themselves and also gathering information from visits to those in jails and prisons.

Wow. That sounds like you have your hands full. Do you have a team in place to accomplish this???

FW:  Yes, there’s a team in place to accomplish all we need, not to mention, hopefully, the community and inmates will play an intricate part, being “My Brother’s Keeper” is for them. I’ve also been paying attention to the online and social media advocates, council members and former council members and I’ve been inspired by a local advocate, David Jones and his ideas for the city. I’m also going to make mention of Bobby J. Wilson, our Galveston, Texas representative of “My Brother’s Keeper”.

Would you share with us a little bit on how you plan on reaching the people you are targeting???

FW:  Well, we’re asking for those who have loved ones or know someone in prison, to submit their names on our website (Inmate Support) and we’re campaigning for acts of charity, to let them (those in prison and the homeless) know they’re not alone, that there are those on the outside, looking out for them. We’re also going to use the funds to feed the homeless and give them the basic necessities they need on a daily basis.

Are there any upcoming events we should keep a lookout for???

FW:  Yes, we have a Press Release coming out September 21st in Port Arthur and Galveston, Texas and it will be available to be read on our website, in its entirety, under the “News” page. We will also be announcing upcoming events , we are currently scheduling, that day, as well.

When getting “My Brother’s Keeper” up and running, were there any obstacles and/or roadblocks you encountered???

FW:  Low chuckle. Yeah, there were a few hurdles, but hurdles can be crossed. When God gives you a vision, you can expect some obstacles, but, ALL GLORY be to God. Hhhmmmm, I initially attempted to bring this before previous resources, I tried reaching out and I tried branching out to find resources in others, it just seemed like it wasn’t time. But, this time around, we quickly found the talent we needed and now have behind this project. I’m just the spokesperson right now.

Okay, Mr. Spokesperson, what would you share with those desiring to pursue their dreams???

FW:  That’s deep. No matter what obstacle or adversity you face or see, go ahead. Stay firm in your beliefs and take that first step, because that step leads to a whole lot more.

Are there any final thoughts you want to leave us with before we conclude this interview???

FW:  Well, thank you for taking time out to schedule an appointment to interview me. And, to the people of Port Arthur and Galveston, Texas, look for us to be there to kick off “My Brother’s Keeper”. Your input and thoughts are needed and valued, at this time.

For those who may want to support you by action or donation, how can they connect with “My Brother’s Keeper”???

FW:  They can connect with us via email or through our website.

It’s been a real pleasure to have you sit down and speak with me. We wish you well in all your endeavors, don’t be a stranger and know you are a part of the “Sizzlin’ Saints” family now!!!

FW:  Thank you.

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