Jorad Holmes…

As a 26 year-old African American male, life hasn’t been easy, being the youngest of 11 kids and being the only child home, I’ve dealt with so much. Depression has played a heavy role in my life, not knowing it was depression, because even though I look happy, I still felt down, alone and depressed.
Being talked about by family and friends, dealing with being spoken badly by a pastor, for doing the things God has told me to do.
Losing my dad at 16 years-old, while a sophomore in high school. Graduating and still feeling alone.
Losing my brother in 2011 and losing my sister as well.
2011 was definitely a trying year and I started feeling like I wasn’t worth anything, I didn’t want to sing or do ministry anymore and that’s when I tried to commit suicide. A small voice said “You have a purpose and an assignment that must be completed”.
I’ve dealt with church hurt, being talked about in the pulpit, lack of confidence, drinking, clubbing seven days a week, having sex, the homosexuality spirit and so much more. Thank God for deliverance and breakthrough, it’s not easy but I know God is a keeper and I’m happy to be on the Lord’s side one hundred percent.
As a Gospel Recording Artist, based out of Tampa Florida, I’m currently walking into the things God has birthed in me. I’m over the ‘You Are Royalty’ conference, to let everyone know that doesn’t matter what someone calls you or say about you, You Are Royalty.
Currently I’m the founder of Tampa Bay Gospel News to push and support local churches, artists, businesses or ministries. I’m also, CEO of the Tampa Bay Gospel Awards, an award show to show love and recognize and show love to area artists, choirs, groups and etc.
I’m a singer, songwriter, recording artist, event coordinator and promoter, saved and sanctified.
My goal now is to travel around the country with my #RestoreTour to pray, and encourage the hearts of the people to restore them back to what God has birthed in them and to see lives changed, delivered, healed, set free etc.
I have two singles out, “Just for You “, to share about dealing with suicide, depression and wanting to give up and “WELCOME “. Available now on all online digital music stores.
2x PrayzeFactor Award Nominee
2x 2015 Music Love Award
5x Rhythm of Gospel Award Nominated
2015 Blu Mic Award Nominated
Tribe of Judah Spirit of David Youth Award Winner
So, as you see, God is amazing! I thank God He has brought me from a long way!

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