The Moon…

Took this photo and it inspired me to write what you’re reading! I hope it touches someone….The moon in this picture is a symbol of everything that’s going wrong in your life, every problem, illness, trial and tribulation. Up close these problems may seem too hard to bare. But take a few steps back to assess the situation, then step back even more to blueprint your solution, then step back some more to put that plan into action. Now at your problem… It’s the size of a skittle waiting to crushed by your thumb and snitching finger…So don’t EVER feel like/let anything or anyone make you think you CAN’T. God gave us the power to DO WHATEVER we put our hearts and minds into doing.

By Christopher Williams

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328434_334278293254053_1471231713_o About Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams I love God, but I do NOT practice “religion”! God is the stars to on my life’s solar system, the water in my body, and the cells in my brain. Life is one large canvas, and God gave me the paint brush and its up to me on rather I’m going to paint in black and white or in bright vibrant colors. The choice will FOREVER be yours! My family keeps my life in full color. Even on a day where I feel like painting it black and white, the ones the I love and love me will always find a way to put a brighter pep in my step and vision. I’m just a man who loves to love and be loved, because love makes life priceless


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