My MAN Child…Cover Story…

20130824_232313-1  Manchild. My Manchild. My One and Only, My Blessing. My, how the years have flown by. From the moment I knew you were in my womb, I knew you were going to be a handful. You knew what you liked and didn’t like and made it clear by dictating what we were allowed to eat, how often we would eat, even when we would sleep and how long. You made your grand entrance, again, on your terms, when you were ready. What a morning that was!!

Always such a happy child, your smile brightened my life in a way nothing else could, and words can’t even describe. What joy being your mother brought me. Trips to the park. Camps. Road trips. Amusement parks. Choir (church) and school. What fun we had! Our Saturday morning activities-swimming, karate, basketball, t-ball-never a dull moment! But the days you made me a football and a baseball mom, I knew we were on to something. Even as a little boy, I watched your drive, determination, commitment, competitiveness, sportsmanship and most of all, your compassion for your teammates and your opponents. What a joy it was to watch you! Oh, the days of cheering for you, #88 and the EC Chiefs! And, of course, the days of the Indy Sandlot Hawks Elite Traveling Baseball Team. Non-stop, year ’round, we always had something going on!

But more than the little athlete, I loved watching you grow in the Lord. Train up a child……Proverbs 22:6 From the days of knowing your speeches and telling us you weren’t going to say them, to being the lead in the program, singing solos and being one of the speakers on the Mother’s Day program, you have come a long way, keeping me smiling along the journey. What pride you’ve given me as I watch you serve in various capacities in the church; events–the church breakfast; hugging the children; helping the elders of the church to their seats or around the church; but most of all the day you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and were baptized.

NaNa, Wade Day Care, Kindergarten, Canterbury, JCA, Tindley, Middle school, High School…….Class of 2015!!
It hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination. Not even close. But by keeping God and our faith first and family at a close second, we’ve made it! Truly, we’ve come this far by faith. But, God!!

Screenshot_2015-05-14-10-20-15-1I’ve watched you grow into a very special young man. Still sporting that baby face, but no doubt you are embarking upon manhood. As the years have flown by, I can’t believe how quickly your senior year has come & gone…… Football, wrestling, Cotillion Escort, two proms and Graduation!!! And now you are about to start college and playing ball, 2700 miles away no less… WOW!!!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. I pray for you, my precious child, health, success, peace, wealth, prosperity and longevity in each and every thing you do. I love you more than life itself, more than any words could ever express and only want the absolute best for you. I am so entirely grateful God saw fit not just to allow me to be a mother, but to be YOUR mother. I know God has abundant blessings in store for you, and I can’t wait to see them manifest as you walk into your greatness. Mommi loves you big much, Doobie!! Go out there and take the world by storm!!!

By Melonn Blue

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mbAbout Melonn Blue

Melonn R. Blue, proud single mom of BGN and entrepreneur… Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, Independent Travel Agent with PayCations, Business Associate with IDLife and in my spare time, I work at The Cleveland Clinic. Member of Imani Temple Ministries in Cleveland Heights, under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Rodney S. Thomas. Avid sports lover, and die–hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Most recently, I am the new #1 fan of The Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes Football Team #GoBibi!!

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