im curious to know why when a Word is spoken over a person’s life, folk either stop speaking to the person, look at you strange, want 2 b up under u 24/7 or become downright mean…not knowing what a person went thru in order to get that Word…not knowing that God had 2 send some1 w/that Word because you didnt know what that person was wrestling with…not knowing…

not knowing about all the folk that had 2 b left behind, in order to pick up & carry the cross that Jesus gave…not knowing the tears that were shed when others were NOT around, because of the loneliness, because of the trials, because of the tribulations, because there was no one around to talk to about how u were feeling…not knowing the lessons that had 2 b taught or the persecution that brought about patience…not knowin…

looking around…wonderin if ppl c the pain n ur eyes, since they say the eyes r the window 2 our soul…can anyone see the pain, the unshed tears or do they just want 2 c what they can get out of u, what they can use u 4, while all the while, faking like they care…and when they realize that u r on 2 them, here come the nastiness, the rudeness, the unbelievable happens, while they walk around reciting what “thus saith the Lord”, not knowing they have no clue what they scripture they just spouted means…

not knowin, but hopin & wishin they would just b quiet…knowing if they would just stop talking 4 just a moment, the Voice they claim 2 hear, they will hear…


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