“Running On…” magazine is HERE!!! June 2015…

12373951_stack_sLa’ Trice Johnson-Gober, on Facebook, shared the magazine with this comment:

“Are you tired of reading negative news and articles etc.? Do you need something inspiring or just a good read? click the link below and get your morning off to good start. If you have any questions, ideas or just would like to advertise… Contact my good friend Hazel DreamStarter Williams to be in the monthly upcoming issues. Please show some support and read it….I guarantee you will enjoy it!” feeling supportive.

Get your JUNE 2015 issue TODAY!!!

Click HERE to read NOW!!!

“Running On…” magazine, desire is to reach the people of God where they are, by being the ‘light’ they are seeking, to give a Word to those hurt, lost, dead and dying in Christ, while giving them the strength and courage to go on and to drawing them closer by revealing to them the Ways and Will of God, so they can run on and see ALL God has in store for them!!!

Don’t go too far, we will begin publishing articles from the magazine next week, stay tuned for the discussions!!!

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