normalcy…what is it??? a house n a nice ‘burb, job, married ova 20 yrs & love flowin abundantly from husband, kids & family members…still n ministry & servin the Lord w/everythin n me…thats what i “think” when i hear the word, normal…not the constant struggle, a high cost 4 the anointing, bein uprooted, goin 2 & fro, constant persecution & oftentimes thinkin the Lord has left or forgot about me…tears shed & unshed, wantin, desirin, no needin help…help…help from God…help from somewhere…help 2 make it thru anotha day…help n sortin this thing called life…help, makin sure im on the right path…help, wonderin if i am pleasin 2 God enough so He will deliver me, right now…help…


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