a few years ago i was reading about Paul and how in the writing of the 2nd epistle to the people of corinth, he spent time explaining his appearance & i caught a glimpse of him in myself…so often folk r so stuck on our outer appearance-how we look & dress-that they miss what is really important, what a person is bringing to the table…what a person has to give to u…what a person is being sent to do or say 4 u and/or your ministry…

it was amazing 2 me, how those words came back to my remembrance the very next day, when someone made a request to me…i sat there thinking, what does what i have on have to do with what is getting ready to come out of my mouth??? do u not know the request i made to God in order to obtain what i have on??? r u sayin what He blessed me with isnt good enough for you??? and, as i sat there, trying not to get an attitude, those words i read the day b4, came back to me and i “felt” paul…i “felt” the reason for the 1st part of 2nd corinthians…i “felt” the reason he wrote 1st corinthians 9, i “felt” all of that, as i sat there fighting the attitude that was trying to rise up in me…i pressed thru, played the “game” & spoke the Words that were given to me to speak…

i still dont understand the thinking process of people, nor am i going to attempt it…what i will say from this day on is, do not look at my outer appearance, because that is NOT who i am on the inside nor is it who i am to God!!! at the end of the day, it is not what a person look like or is wearing, it is what is coming out of their mouths or the actions, that attention ought to be paid!!!


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