What Next???

by hazel williams

It’s sad to know that we live in a world where 99.99% of folk are SCARED of kids and even more disheartening to know is that over 65% of them, are folk who claim to love the Lord and out of the 65% there are over 40% of said folk who claim to love the Lord, that have bodies under their belts!!!

I am so sick of hearing folk say, you can’t say anything to these kids, when EVERY time I see or hear them do something I don’t think is right, I say something or pop them on the arm, I get an apology and they don’t do whatever it is in my presence and these are kids I don’t even know!!!
I think folk just want something more to FEAR and TALK about!!! #kidsneeddirection

What Y’ALL need to do is STOP listening to the people on the news whose job is to get Y’ALL to fear them and I’m over here smh (shaking my head) because it is working!!! You got folk that don’t like you because of _____________ telling you to fear your own and you jump like a puppet and do it!!! smh…

I remember being out and about and a group of guys were talking and the cussing was more prevalent than their words. I turned around and told them my daughter was sitting by me and I didn’t want her hearing those words and they immediately apologized and cleaned up their language!!! All because I said it in love and not in condemnation. This has happened many times with the same results. I even tested it out recently, my daughter is now twenty-six and I got the side eye and chuckles along with an apology after I jokingly told them I asked out of habit.

I say disheartening about the folk who claim to love the Lord because we are taught, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” they are quick to quote it, but when it comes time to walk in it they start quoting some better to use wisdom scripture!!! Make up your minds, are you gonna stand on His Word or crumble and cower under it???

You also see and hear leaders, pastors and other civic minded folk commenting that there is a need for folk to rise up, go out in the communities to ‘save’ the kids. You will also hear them make comments on how there is a ‘need’ in the communities; they say they don’t know what that ‘need’ is, but are up drilling that point home. Then there is that question they like to ask. It is, “What can we, as a community, do to reach these kids, before the police or government lock them up or they get killed? And, how can we stop the violence that us going on in our community?”

These answers are right in their faces!!! In their congregation are mothers, fathers, sisters, aunts, uncles, siblings and loved ones who can answer those questions and offer up advice or ideas on how to reach them before the ‘system’ or the grave and jail.

In a forum. Holding a series of forums, coming up with several action plans to reach a whole or one child at a time, is the solution. The same ‘burden’ that is placed on a person when they answer the charge to pastor or to lead, should be relevant when it’s time to exact a change in the community. The public prayer is great and so is meeting with government officials in that area, but the question remains, WHAT NEXT???


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