I was picking up the phone to call this person to give an update and to get a laugh, “Don’t call her,” He said, as an eerie feeling came over me.
“This is the second time this happened,” I thought.
“What is going on???”
“She is telling him everything you say.”
“But, I’m not really saying anything. She’s the one doing all the convincing.”
“That’s not what she’s telling him.”
“But, I have it in black and white and everyone knows I’m ducking and dodging that whole situation!!!”
“That’s not what she’s telling him. She’s making up things the more she talks to him. This is not the first time she’s done this.”
“It’s not the first time.”
My mind starts whirling. So many questions, as scene after scene is shown to me.
“It’s making sense now,” I thought.
“Is that why the calls stopped before???”
“Was he with her when he said he was staying with a friend???”
“I thought we were cool, why is she doing this???”
“She heard you were talking about her daughter.”
“Huh??? I never said anything about her!!! That was them throwing all her business in the street and talking about her like a dog!!!”
“That’s not what they told her.”
“Is that why,” I trailed off.
“Why are they doing this???”
“They think you know about their secrets.”
“What secrets???”
“You know the secrets they are keeping and I want you to write about it.”
As it all came rushing back to me, it left me reeling with these nagging questions.
“Does he believe what she’s saying???”
“He does.”
“Will he ever find out the truth???”
“He will.”
“By then it will be too late,” I interrupt a Him and say.
I pick up the phone and make a few calls, wanting answers to the depth of the character of this person. After several calls and being given a number to call, what I heard blew my mind and set my blood to boiling.
Not only is there jealousy and envy towards me, why I don’t know, but it’s also being directed towards someone else, who on the outside it seems like she is happy and being helpful to the move of God in his life, but on the inside the jealousy is simmering towards him.
All I can do is shake my head and keep it moving, because if this person doesn’t know me or my character by now, they never will.

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